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“Working with Paulette Pettorino is like being handled by an artist, a healer, a shaman.  Every movement comes from a deep insight into what your body needs to heal, and a focused yet loving precision into what your soul needs to thrive.  She won't just cure your aching back, but the broken heart that led to it.  My cells rejoice when I lay on her table.  They know all will be well soon.”

-Nilaja Sun (actor, playwright, teaching artist)

“I began treatment with Paulette after my immune system had been compromised by an allergic reaction.  The boost I received from just a few treatments got me through a NY winter without a cold.  Paulette is a thoughtful, caring practitioner who begins from a holistic appreciation of the body, mind and spirit.  Now the acupuncture sessions are helping me maintain my emotional equilibrium in the face of cancer treatment.  I’m grateful to be the beneficiary of her knowledge and commitment to her patients.”

-Dawn Esposito, New York City

"I have been receiving treatments from Paulette Pettorino for over 20 years.  She is truly a master in her field.  If I ever feel something coming on, a treatment from Paulette nips it in the bud.  I have mainly gone for prevention purposes which has greatly improved my health.  I never hesitate recommending Paulette to my clients and friends."

-Richard Damien, spiritual coach, healer, Reiki Master and author, A Monk in the World

"Paulette's knowledge and intuition are a gift to me as a client.  Her treatments go above and beyond simply addressing my symptoms by opening up the wholeness of my being for sustained and continuous health."

-Marcelo Coutinho, Village Rolfin (Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolfing Movement Practitioner)

"Paulette Pettorino is a healer.  Like all great healers, she is an expert in her craft, but there is more.  She has an intangible healing presence that helps restore health.  She listens carefully, attends and ministers, and makes adjustments as necessary.  I am a cancer survivor, mother of a child with autism and a single parent.  Maintaining and improving my health is paramount.  Paulette's healing practices have undoubtedly helped me on my journey."

-Mary, New York City

“I have been a patient of Paulette's for about two years now.  I am very particular about who I allow to work on my body and I was immediately comfortable and connected with Paulette and her healing hands.  She asks questions, pays attention and is very intuitive.  She goes above and beyond to address my issues and alleviate my pain.  I always leave her office feeling healthy, refreshed and very pampered and cared for.  And...she always plays Gurumayi's "Om Namah Shivaya" chant for me!  She's the best!”

-Rosetta Bentz (Fine artist)

"For the past two and a half years, I have looked forward to my bi-weekly sessions with Paulette. One of the many benefits I find from her services is that every time that I, an insomniac, have a bi-weekly treatment, I sleep like a baby that night.  In fact, this past Monday night, I slept 8.5 hours.  The Sunday night before, I slept at most 4.  I feel more relaxed generally and moreover, I always look forward to her cheerful disposition and warmth of heart.  I'm grateful I met her."

-John, New York City

"Paulette is a gifted acupuncturist, healer and health care provider.  During an intense battle with cancer that involved radiation, chemotherapy and surgery she was an essential part of my healing and recovery.  Paulette's acupuncture treatments allowed me to heal quicker, remain focused and get the relief I needed.  She is an essential part of my health care team and I could not have done it without her.  Thank you Paulette, you are the best."

-Barbara Lombardo Reynolds, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

"Paulette is the best acupuncturist in New York City hands down!  I have many old chronic aches, pains, and cramps.  Regular sessions with Paulette have dramatically reduced these ailments and/or made them more manageable.  Additionally, I was diagnosed recently with a primary immunodeficiency, which not only is my immunity low, I experience fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  My sessions with Paulette include boosting my restoring my well being and energy. What ailed me when I walked in the door, are lifted once I walk out.  The relaxation and rest during the session cannot be beat.  Paulette has supported my growth in my well being tremendously, because she truly cares for my health holistically as I believe she does with all of her clients."


"When I fall into a consistent rhythm of seeing Paulette, I notice such a difference in my body and my spirit.  I sleep better; my head is clearer; and my spirit feels lighter.  It is more than her skill as an acupuncturist that keeps me coming back.  Paulette's curiosity about people and the world; her lightness of spirit; her generous heart; and her ability to see me - and therefore heal me - as a whole being... these are just some of the reasons I love this practice and Paulette!"


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