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Hi, I am Paulette Pettorino.



I am a healer dedicated to helping you relieve pain, stress and any other discomforts that are blocking you from a balanced, more harmonious fulfilled life.

With compassion, my goal is to improve the quality of my patients' lives, ease their pain and help them to become fulfilled on their path.

My Story

My interest in Acupuncture began at six years old when my aunt was seeing a Chinese doctor who did acupuncture for her "arthuritis". I was very curious and that curiosity stayed with me. I planned on becoming a psychologist, an artist and to travel the world. At 21, my father died suddenly of a heart attack. I found myself very sad and upset with Western medicine since he had seen the doctor that day. And so began my own quest for understanding health and healing, my desire for knowledge and to be of service.

I immediately bought a Bach Flower Remedy kit and took a Reflexology class at the Ohashi Institute and went to lectures by Dr. John Christopher, an inspiring herbalist from Utah, which then led to a summer intensive in Polarity training and the beginning of my Tai Chi practice. At that point this was for my own self-help, personal growth and transformation. I continued to work as a porcelain dental ceramist and went to college. At 25, my mother died of complications from open heart surgery and my life changed. It was at this time that my journey shifted towards more serious study.

I enrolled at the Swedish Institute of Massage to become a licensed Massage Therapist. While at school, I got Rolfed and really began to experience the connection of body, mind and spirit. I also had my first acupuncture treatment, which turned my life around. As soon as I heard of an acupuncture program, I enrolled and graduated in 1984.

It has all been a process for me and one that I am grateful for everyday. I originally was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology and then branched out to Japanese styles, Kampo Herbs, Five Element Classical Acupuncture, Plant Spirit Medicine, N.E.T. and Quantum Touch.  I completed six years in Alchemical acupuncture. This training incorporated acupuncture, essential oils, flower essences, inner focusing and dreams to facilitate transformation and healing.  I am presently studying the Bach Flower Remedies in more depth in an advanced class and beginning an Integrated Energy Therapy training. Both can be done remote if need be.

I went to China and Japan in 1984 and back to China again in 1993 to study and practice in Harbin at the Heilongjiang Hospital. I have taught clinical skills at YuWen Acupuncture clinic at the Swedish Institute and since 1993 have worked at Beth Israel Medical Center's clinic for infectious disease. I also worked at Rivington House, a nursing home for AIDS patients and supervised a clinic at Housing Works Supportive Services until 2013. For four years I worked at a Cancer center in Brooklyn one day a week and then for another two years at the Freedom Institute Drug and Rehab Center in Manhattan one day a week until Covid hit.

In my practice, I draw upon all of these skills to help facilitate healing in the person I am treating at the levels of body, mind and spirit.

With compassion, my goal is to improve the quality of my patients' lives, ease their pain and help them to become fulfilled on their path.

With much gratitude and thanks to all my teachers and friends who have loved and supported me on my path.


I am pleased to be able to serve you and look forward to hearing from you.


Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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