Acupuncture changed my life.

I was diagnosed with Lumbasacral Spandylosis with disc bulging and narrowing of the spine L4-L5. For years I have suffered from pain caused by this condition. In 2008 I began acupuncture sessions with Paulette Pettorino. After just 3 months of treatments I noticed a huge difference in my level of pain. After 4 months I would say that I was living 95% pain free.

It’s hard to express in words the difference between a life spent in pain and a pain free life. It’s like being given a new life, a new beginning. Acupunture changed my life, I became more active, my life just became more well balanced, I began losing weight and soon I realized I felt well enough to start working again.

I have tried to express to Paulette how acupuncture changed my life, that acupuncture gave me my life back. I believe that acupuncture has healed me. I had no idea of the power of acupuncture.

Troy Austin, New York City.

Trust me when I say I rolled my eyes a bit when someone mentioned to me that my chronic neck and back problems might see relief from Paulette Pettorino and acupuncture. I was a firm believer that stretching and Advil would eventually relieve the constant nagging and knife stabbing pains. Then, of course, everyone swears by their chiropractor - so I tried that, too. So, when these routes continued to fail, I gave Paulette a call and gave acupuncture a chance.

And it worked.

After nearly a year of being constantly uncomfortable, it was only after one session with Paulette and acupuncture I began to feel relief. Finally. After two sessions, I became a "Paulette digger" and have recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues. They all say the same thing "I was skeptical, but now I'm a believer."

Paulette not only works her healing skill with acupuncture, she also has a wonderful demeanor, understands other issues that might be creating muscle and even emotional discomfort, and creates a path to healing and wellness that I'll will forever be grateful.


Paulette is a gifted acupuncturist, healer and health care provider. During an intense battle with cancer that involved radiation, chemotherapy and surgery she was an essential part of my healing and recovery. Paulette's acupuncture treatments allowed me to heal quicker, remain focused and get the relief I needed. She is an essential part of my health care team and I could not have done it without her. Thank-you Paulette, you are the best.

Barbara Lombardo Reynolds, founder of Angel Communications, Public Relations Specialist and Healthcare Coach/Patient Advocacy

Paulette is a terrific acupuncturist. She has helped me as well as many of my patients. Her broad range of knowledge and her holistic approach is very effective.

Dr. Jo Ann Weinrib, Chiropractor
Director of Body Central

I have been receiving treatments from Paulette Pettorino for over 15 years. She is truly a master in her field. If I ever feel something coming on, a treatment from Paulette nips it in the bud. I have mainly gone for prevention purposes which has greatly improved my health. I never hesitate recommending Paulette to my clients and friends.

Spiritual coach, healer, REIKI Master and author of A MONK IN THE WORLD

Paulette initially treated me for intense pain I was experiencing from ovarian cysts and menstrual problems. With her treatments, those problems have healed, but the benefits I've received from Paulette's acupuncture and herbs on my overall health are innumerable. They include; help with acute back and joint pain, organic issues and immune problems such as allergies and flu.

Since meeting Paulette 11 years ago, my awareness has changed and so has my life! Her sweet caring, warmth and pragmatic advice has taught me to truly care for myself.

Deborah Wolk
E-RYT 500, Registered, International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)
Co-Director, Yoga Union Center for Backcare and Scoliosis

I have been seeing Paulette Pettorino for many years. She is not only a thoughtful and caring practitioner, but one with a kindness and generosity of spirit who has helped me maintain my good health.

Nancy Azara, artist and healer, and author of Spirit Taking Form: Making a Spiritual Practice of Making Art, (Red Wheel/Weiser.)

Even though I have a doctor within my health plan, Paulette has been my main health care practitioner for 5 years. She is so knowledgeable, so caring and has been most importantly, such a good friend. I trust her with my health and well-being, implicitly. She never forgets my birthday, either. I love her dearly.

Laura Wehrman-owner/designer tela verde

Paulette is my acupuncturist. She has treated me for over seven years. When I began treatment I had been in coma for 2 months and completely atrophied. Thanks to her treatment, her care, and advice, my health has improved 100%. Thanks Paulette!!!

Ricardo - artist

Paulette's knowledge and intuition are a gift to me as a client. Her treatments go above and beyond simply addressing my symptoms by opening up the wholeness of my being for sustained and continuous health.

Marcelo Coutinho, Village Rolfing.
Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolfing Movement Practitioner.