What Is Acupuncture?

Originally developed in ancient China, Acupuncture is a comprehensive medical system that is used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness. Through the insertion of hair-thin needles, acupuncture stimulates specific points on the skin, which correlate to internal organs and bodily functions. With a clinical history of over 2,500 years, acupuncture is used to relieve pain, remedy acute and chronic ailments, strengthen the immune system and reduce stress and tension.

how does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is based on the ancient Chinese theory of Qi (energy) flowing through discrete channels in the body, similar but not identical to the nervous and blood circulatory systems. The flow of Qi is assessed by palpation, pulse and tongue diagnosis, which are combined with other signs and symptoms to identify imbalances. Acupuncture regulates the Qi by increasing it in areas where it is deficient and draining it where it is in excess. This regulation supports the healing process, restoring the body to a balanced state of health.

is it effective?

Traditionally, acupuncture was done at the change of season to prevent sickness and strengthen the body. Any illness that shows even the smallest sign of improvement can be more quickly resolved by acupuncture. This means that acupuncture helps recovery from acute disorders such as colds, flu and bronchitis so that they do not become recurrent.

Many chronic disorders improve or resolve completely with acupuncture. Some of these include migraine, headaches, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, arthritis, back pain, insomnia and digestive problems.

Gynecological problems such as PMS, menstrual cramps, irregular and heavy periods, infertility, fibroids and menopausal symptoms are all very responsive to acupuncture.

how many treatments will I need?

The number and frequency of treatments depend on your condition. Initially, weekly office visits are recommended, with seven treatments being the average for the majority of ailments. Some chronic complaints may require up to three months acupuncture, then once a month for maintenance or once every season.

is it safe?

Acupuncturists use pre-sterilized needles that are packaged for single use and are disposed of as medical waste.

does it hurt?

No. Some patients do not even notice when the needles are inserted or removed, while others may feel a slight pinching sensation or electrical feeling - this is your Qi. The needles are left in place for approximately 20 minutes, with most patients falling asleep during treatment.

how will I feel after acupuncture?

Usually patients feel deeply relaxed both during and after acupuncture. Some experience immediate, total or partial relief from their pain or other symptoms. Often the most dramatic results come from the initial treatment. To retain this benefit, it is recommended not to drink alcohol and to avoid heavy labor or a strenuous workout after acupuncture.

what is chinese herbology?

Chinese herbology is the medicinal use of plants and minerals for the treatment of disease. An herbal formula is a combination of one to twenty single herbs that are prepared as a tea and taken daily before meals. Used in conjunction with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is especially useful for the treatment of pain syndromes, anxiety, depression, sleep issues as well as gynecological, respiratory and immune disorders.

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